• Because Life Gets Messy

    I'm here to help you untangle the mess and get organized. Empower yourself and focus on the things that are important to you to achieve the results you are looking for.

  • Make It Work For You - How I Can Help

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    • Intended for anyone who feels they simply cannot fit in everything they want or need into their schedule.
    • Designed to help you get a handle on what your commitments really are, and how you can fit your top priorities into your life.
    • Take an in-depth look at existing and desired opportunities.
    • Create an action plan to free up more of your time.
    • Reduce stress and anxiety, increase efficiency and productivity, and find more balance in your life.
    • Achieve the things you have been putting off. Complete those projects you have been wanting to tackle.


  • Life Guidance Services

    I provide three different packages that allows you to choose which one fits your needs at any given time.

    Life Planning Service

    Works around your existing schedule. We look for items that can be consolidated, discontinued, and/or delegated to find more time in your day, week or month. We'll set some goals and incorporate the essential tasks of life and add in those items you desire to create more time for. That could be more time to exercise, relax, spending time with family and friends, time to create and craft, time to read, time to meditate - whatever it is that will help you create a more balanced life. The outcome will be a planner/calendar that will guide you as you create the balance you are looking for.

    Life Organizing Service

    Works in the same manner as the Life Planning service. In addition to planner/calendar creation, we will have a check-in call each week to see where the barriers are and how we can break through them on our way to creating more structure and organization in your life. This service is geared toward those who feel like their life is too overwhelming and they simply don't know where to even start to balance it out. I will provide guidance and suggestions during the check-in calls and also moral support as you work through this process. Sometimes an outside eye can see things more clearly.

    Life Transitions Package

    For those who are dealing with a significant life event and are so overwhelmed they simply cease to function. This could include a divorce, having a child, moving a job or household, and death. When these events occur, we get thrown off our routine and it is difficult to even get out of bed some days. My first-hand experience in several of these areas gives me empathy and insight into what is happening. Sometimes it just "is" and we need to figure out how to work through it. There are always details that need to be taken care of in a timely manner, and it does not help to think it will all go away - because, unfortunately, it simply won't. It would be my honor to gently guide you through this transitional phase.

  • Life Happens - Don't Freak Out

    Life happens; it throws us challenges all the time. Things get busy and our routines get upended. We will work together on setting boundaries, not only for ourselves but for others. We'll figure out how to cope when we can't follow the plan like we thought we could. We'll also aim to add flexibility and learn how to roll with it.

  • Get Started Today

    We'll work through this together.

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    Life Planning

    For more balance


    • Initial Consult Call
    • Calendar
    • Execution Plan
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    Life Organizing

    For organization and support


    • Initial Consult Call
    • Month-to-Month
    • Optional Ongoing Weekly Check-In Calls
    • Online Calendar
    • Weekly Checklist
    • Weekly Email Reminders
    • Execution Plan - Updated and Revised as Needed
    • For Additional Support: Optional 1:1 VA Services at a Discounted Rate
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    Life Transitions

    For major life changes


    • Initial Consult Call
    • Up to Three Months
    • Check-In Calls - Available Up To Twice Weekly (Optional)
    • Online Calendar
    • Weekly Checklist - Prioritized To Address Most Pressing Need
    • Weekly Email Reminders
    • Execution Plan - Based On Your Current Needs
  • Ready to get started?

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    Meet Your Collaborator

    Hi, I'm Susan Ray, and one thing I've learned over the years is that every time you think you've figured life out - it changes. We get our routine all set up and we are happily chugging along, and then - bam! - something throws us off the track.


    Life happens. Things change. Sometimes within our control, and sometimes not. My experience in navigating ever-changing deadlines and circumstances has provided me with the skills to creatively find ways to fit in what is important to me in order to have balance in my life.


    I'd like to help you find that balance for yourself. Let's work together to add in the life priorities and balance that are important to you.

  • Testimonials

    “Working with Susan has been a dream! Not only is she an amazing asset to have on your team, but she is a wonderful human and I have enjoyed her company so much. I have yet to find someone who has her intuition and great sense for making order out of chaos. She would often listen to me ramble and then jump in with a refreshed perspective that offered great direction and actionable next steps. I could always count on Susan to be there to support my process, take initiative, and offer counsel with her unique and thoughtful perspective. She took charge of migrating & organizing my messy online cloud drive - something that I had kept putting off because it seemed so daunting. She oversaw organizing, scheduling, and administrative support functions for my business at a time when we were growing like crazy and working through a lot of legal and technical issues as a result. I really appreciate my time working with her and getting to know her. I would undoubtedly recommend her to anyone looking for someone to help bring some structure and organization to business and/or personal affairs.” - Nicole H.