• Susan Ray, V.A.

    Organizational and Administrative Specialist

    Onsite and Virtual Assistance

  • Feel free to download both workbooks prior to our session.

    The blank workbook is for your personal use. The completed workbook shows how, prior to the start of the project or task, each of the questions has been answered in order to prepare for a great result.

    (Printing Tip: If you print the documents two-sided, the pages will align perfectly.)

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    How I Can Help

    Hi, I'm Susan Ray, and I provide a way for you to feel great about your physical and digital "stuff". I am an organizational specialist who thrives on finding the perfect resolution for every type of organizational situation. I also provide transitional services for those who are in a state of change and don't quite know how to get everything taken care of.


    My 30 year career as an executive assistant has put me in many diverse environments, charged with the task of making it all work out in the end. Rather than forcing an organizational style that may or may not work for you, I use the experience of that diversity and the daily challenges of finding an optimal end result to create the perfect solution for YOU.


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    A Bit About Me

    I have been an administrative assistant and organizer for most of my life. I specialize in helping people find the perfect fit for their lifestyle. I have been honored as a "Woman of Achievement" through our local YWCA, and have provided insight and assistance in the areas of organization and administrative functions to a number of individuals and businesses. I am a lover of the performing arts - with the dance arts as a special joy; an adoring grandmother; and I take delight in seeing the unique qualities in every human being.

  • Services

    Life Guidance Packages

    The Life Guidance services are intended for anyone who feels they simply cannot fit in everything they want or need into their schedule. They are designed to help you get a handle on what your commitments really are, and how you can fit your top priorities into your life.


    By taking an in-depth look at existing and desired opportunities, we will create an action plan to free up more of your time and responsibilities in order to allow you to find more balance in your life.


    The services are set up in three different packages that allow you to choose which one fits your needs at any given time. Each plan is similar, yet provides a different outcome.


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    Organizational Packages

    Spring Cleaning -- $165

    Includes a free consultation, an assessment of the situation, suggestion of potential solutions and a start on the project.


    Clean Sweep -- $315

    Includes all of the above and establishment of an agreed upon structure/system to create a functional process. Projected completion of a small to medium sized project.


    All Encompassing -- $625

    This package is for a large, multi-project organizational situation, and includes a free consultation, an assessment, and an organizational plan of action with projected hours for each portion of the project as well as completion of at least 1-2 sections of the project.


    Based on your geographic location, travel expenses will be an additional charge. It is possible that some smaller projects could be handled via Skype or Zoom with client participation.

    Administrative Packages

    Admin #1 -- $165 - 4-5 hours/month

    Admin #2 -- $345 -8- 10 hours/month

    Admin #3 -- $695 - 15-20 hours/month


    The above administrative packages generally include email and calendar management, inbox organization, and other miscellaneous administrative services. These may be tailored to fit your specific needs.

    Nothing Fits -

    I need a more detailed solution!!


    Organizational projects can be complex, and the above packages may or may not fit your needs. If you have a unique situation, please contact me and we will create a special package to encompass your needs.

    In addition to the packages above, I also provide the following services:


    Onsite and virtual/online organization of physical environments and digital files and email.


    As you probably know, organizational projects can be complex. If you have a unique situation, please contact me and we will create a special package to encompass your needs.

    Not certain you can keep a virtual assistant busy on a consistent basis?

    In that case, I may be the perfect fit for your needs. It is my great joy to work one-on-one with people in whatever capacity they choose on one-time projects. That project or task that seems too overwhelming can be taken care of without a long-term commitment or obligation. Once concluded, you can enjoy the benefits that completion brings, and I can help another person in a similar situation!

  • Consultations

    Just Need to Talk it Through?

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    Consult Call

    Hopping on a video or phone call is an excellent choice if you are the type of person who wants to tackle the entire project by yourself.


    A consult call will give us an opportunity to discuss the scope and depth of your project and come up with a viable plan to enable you to work at your own pace and in your own style.


    Book a Call

  • Life is messy - Learn to navigate it more smoothly

    Organization and Time Management Online Course

  • Organizational Tips

    Here are a few brief tips from one of my presentations that might help you out!


    Josh Linkner wrote a column in the Detroit Free Press that contains some very insightful and useful advice. Time management can be an obstacle in our quest to be organized, and his suggestions provide a simple approach to finding some additional time.


    I hope you find this column useful!!!


  • Testimonials

    “Sue has demonstrated her organizational skills by turning around my very large office/man cave/storage area in just a few hours. She was able to walk into a large, chaotic room, and instantly see where things could be better coordinated, packaged or discarded. The before and after scene was remarkable. She has been engaged more than once to help me restore order to this important area of my household. Her pleasant and positive approach makes the job much easier than it should be. I highly recommend her for your organizing tasks.” - Rick T.

    “Sue is a very reliable, thorough and talented administrator. She has helped me many times as a remote assistant. I find her very easy to communicate with; she understands what is needed with very little guidance. She makes herself readily available and is very prompt in turning around assignments. She provides insight on formatting and content with the documents that I need, whether it is a powerpoint presentation, a word document, or a spreadsheet. Sue is flexible and pleasant to work with, and I highly recommend her.” - Barb G.

    “Working with Susan has been a dream! Not only is she an amazing asset to have on your team, but she is a wonderful human and I have enjoyed her company so much. I have yet to find someone who has her intuition and great sense for making order out of chaos. She would often listen to me ramble and then jump in with a refreshed perspective that offered great direction and actionable next steps. I could always count on Susan to be there to support my process, take initiative, and offer counsel with her unique and thoughtful perspective. She took charge of migrating & organizing my messy online cloud drive - something that I had kept putting off because it seemed so daunting. She oversaw organizing, scheduling, and administrative support functions for my business at a time when we were growing like crazy and working through a lot of legal and technical issues as a result. I really appreciate my time working with her and getting to know her. I would undoubtedly recommend her to anyone looking for someone to help bring some structure and organization to business and/or personal affairs.” - Nicole H.


  • I'd love to create an organizational or administrative solution for you!

    Please click the contact me button and I will respond within 24-48 hours, Monday-Friday.

    Thank you - Susan Ray