• Life is messy - Learn to navigate it more smoothly

    Create life-long habits for organizing and managing your time.

  • Make it work for you

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    • Figure out what processes work for you so that you can create life-long habits for organizing and managing your time
    • It's about knowing you can flow into changes as necessary and adapting - not being held to rigid standards that don't work for you
    • Feel comfortable picking parts of processes and suggestions to make your own techniques so that you can stick to what is right for you rather than following a "standard" or "rigid" style.
    • Reduce stress and anxiety, increase efficiency and productivity, and find more balance in your life.
  • Our approach has 3  components:



    Discover what is important to you and make it a priority.



    Set up a process and a structure that is unique to your style for your organizational purposes.


    Time Management

    Learn to manage your time effectively and productively to decrease your stress.

  • What's included in the course?

    This is 5 module course teaches you how to frame your mindset around organization and time management and provides the tools and techniques to integrate them into your everyday life

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    Module 1 - Intro to Organization and Time Management

    Learn the basics of organization and time management and why they are important, as well as figure out where you should start.

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    Module 2 - Mindset

    Mindset has a huge impact on how we create our own styles. Relax into the process and get in the right frame of mind and find the style that works for you. Discover what is important to you and make it a priority.

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    Module 3 - Organization

    Learn how to set up a process and a structure that is unique to your style for your organizational purposes, whether this is for paperwork, emails, "stuff", sentimental items, or something else. Explore tools and techniques for creating daily, weekly, and monthly goals to improve your organization skills.

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    Module 4 - Time Management

    Discover ways to manage your time effectively and productively to decrease your stress. Figure out where you are spending your time, how to build in time for play, relaxation, exercise, and family time, and techniques for maintaining your focus and optimizing your time, while avoiding the things that can derail you.

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    Module 5 - Resources

    Information and tips about where to go next, recommended reading, further research, and where to find new ideas. Includes worksheets to help you get clear on what you want to accomplish and what is important to you.

  • The Power of Organization and Time Management

    Organization and time management are all about changing your habits and the way you look at your life. As you begin to prioritize your time, you begin to value yourself more, and your days will seem longer and you will feel more relaxed and less stressed.

  • Testimonials

    "Susan Ray's Organization and Time Management course is composed of modules with videos of 10-15 minutes, so easy for busy, unorganized people to work through. Do one per day, or one per week ;-)

    I liked the short background videos/GIFs as these helped me to focus as I listened to Susan and to also keep me engaged.

    The course is clear and structured from the outset. It is not just about work organization, but the information shared can also be used for better organizing your lifestyle and personal files and paperwork etc.

    It was great to be provided with a list of what I may need in module 1. This enables us to get these things prior to beginning the course. However, there's a warning not to go out and buy unnecessary items, so perhaps work through the first few modules, then decide what resources you need.

    Susan freely shares additional resources from other experts for further research or to use. However, this does perhaps mean purchasing additional courses.

    This is an ideal course delivered in bite-sized modules which will help individuals get more organized in work and life." - Nancy B.

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    Meet Your Instructor

    Hi, I'm Susan Ray, and I provide a way for you to feel great about your physical and digital "stuff". I am an organizational specialist who thrives on finding the perfect resolution for every type of organizational situation.


    My 30 year career as an executive assistant has put me in many diverse environments, charged with the task of making it all work out in the end. Rather than forcing an organizational style that may or may not work for you, I use the experience of that diversity and the daily challenges of finding an optimal end result to create the perfect solution for YOU.


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